Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Young Scientists Exhibition 2014

My friend and I visited the RDS in Dublin to see the 'Young Scientist Exhibition'. I don't think I would mind waking up so much if it was by this clock!

Mine-craft craft!

I decided to have a bit of fun with a friend of mine who is crazy about Mine-craft so I got some material from a shop in town, cut it to size and made a cube out if it. Then I attached black paper for the hair and white paper for the skin. After that I measured out and marked small squares and then filled them with different shades, making holes for the eyes. The particular head I made was my friend's favourite character in Mine-craft, Steve.

Well, I gave it to him and I can tell you, we had some craic with it lol!

Sailing Knots

I'm  looking forward to sailing this summer so i am practising my sailing knots.

Motorised bike

Around March I started looking into the idea of buying a motorised bike. I looked on line to see what the options were. I decided to buy a motorised bicycle kit. I took a loan out of the Credit Union to buy it and a new bike  and the engine arrived a week or two later.
I had to choose a bike that a big enough frame on it to fit the engine on it. My dad and I worked  on putting the engine on the bike for a couple of days. There were a few glitches so we got two mechanics on board and they soon sorted them out for us.
I have to keep the speed to a max of 22 kph per hour for the first 500k.

I really enjoy going out on my bike and I am glad I got it.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Visit to museum to see Irish Product Designer's work.

My dad and my friend Dylan and I went to see an exhibition of Eileen Gray's work in Colin's barracks a couple of weeks ago. She was an Irish designer, artist, architect and photographer. II found it interesting and later we went to the Museum of Modern Art and Natural History Museum.

Recent Manga art

I've recently took up drawing some anime style drawings...hope you like it :)

Friday, 8 November 2013

Hi guys, have a look at this video - pretty cool! xD